Monday, April 27, 2009

Qld- Palm Beach and Jacobs Well

Well, I hope that you all noticed that we have finally, after five weeks on the road, made it into Queensland.
We stayed at the Caravan park on the Tallebudgera creek at Palm Beach and had a great three days. We kept waiting for the wind to die down so that we could take the kayak out but it didn’t stop blowing while we were there. (At least it didn’t rain.)So, we rode our bikes and walked instead. We walked out to the brake wall one afternoon and watched the surfers riding massive waves and keeping the guys on the jet skies very busy towing them out after each wave. On the news that night we found out that we had been watching Joel Parkinson and Kelly Slater practicing.
We had lunch one day at the Currumbin Beach Surf club. This is where the Sunrise team have the Anzac dawn service. The venue is spectacular, sitting out there on the waves pounding the rocks below.

One night we booked in to the “Australian Outback Spectacular” and was so impressed by the entire event. Upon arrival you are all given an akubra hat, which I am sure will come in handy while we are out west. The food is a three course meal of salad, steak and vegetables with pavlova for desert. The show lasts for two hours and very entertaining. The horses and their riders are so impressive. There are strobe lights, lots of noise, music, yelling and clapping and these horses don’t blink an eye lid, but just do what their riders tell them to. They are Australian stock horses and so.o..o .o.. beautiful.
We decided that we wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast so looked on the map and found Jacobs Well. This is a very quiet little fishing village about 60 ks south of Brisbane, on the waterways, and you can see part of South Stadbroke Island from here.
The weather is fantastic, so out comes the kayak and Mike is going to fish. I brought my book along as I figured that we would probably be out on the water for a while. We had a wonderful time pedaling up and down the water ways, looking at the boats and the homes. Next minute, “woah”, Mike has a bite, I put my book in the bag, and get the net ready. Mike is reeling in the fish and we are saying, “here comes dinner”. This was the first fish caught out of the kayak. Boy, were we excited. Our excitement didn’t last too long though. We were so disappointed when it was only about six inches long and we had to throw it back. After being out for a couple of hours, our rear ends were numb, so time to head back. Mike threw the line in for one last go and no sooner had he thrown it in, he got another strike. This one was big, it was towing the kayak around in circles and Mike was struggling to get it in. Here comes dinner for sure. I got the net ready again, only to be disappointed for the second time when he pulled in a ray. After cutting him loose, we decided it would be chicken for dinner.
Even though we didn’t catch dinner we had a fabulous afternoon.

See “Our camping spots” for information on Tallebudgera Creek Tourist Park and Jacobs Well Tourist Park.
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