Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Qld- Mission Beach

We have had a very entertaining few days since leaving Townsville. We have seen a loading ramp that stretches 6kms out to sea to load sugar onto the ships.
While at Tully we travelled to up the Tully river and were entertained by a group enjoying their white water rafting.
While staying at Mission Beach we decided to spend the day at Dunk Island. We travelled there and back by water taxi, lay by the pool, swam in the ocean and had a delicious meal at the Dunk Island jetty restaurant.
We spent two of the last four nights camping by the beach at great rest areas. One cost us $12.65 and the second was $16.00. What a bargain.
Tomorrow we head for the Cape so the next blog from us will be when we return, unless we find that we have computer connection up there.

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