Monday, April 26, 2010

WA - Kalbarri

Kalbarri is a spectacular coastal town on the headwaters of the Murchison River. The area has many coastal as well as inland gorges. As you drive into town from the south you are greeted by the bay where the town sits. The surf in the area is world renowned and we spent time watching surfers, swimming, as well as walking some of the gorges. We biked the walk/bike track that winds its way along the coast and stopped along the way at the many perfectly positioned seats to admire the view.

Kalbarri is also home to a fishing fleet of lobster as well as ocean fish. You can buy lobster off the boat for as little as $15.00 each. We watched the boats unloading and were amazed at the number of lobsters caught from each boat. One boat had 42 crates with about 30kilos in each crate. Not a bad days work! Western Australia has strict fishing laws which will hopefully secure fish in these waters for the future.

For the first time in months we felt safe enough to take the kayak out. No sharks and no crocodiles. We spent the morning in the lower part of the river where a sea eagle sat in the trees watching our progress. We were also in the middle of a large group of mullet that were surface eating around us. It was great to be back on the water again.

One of the most photographed areas of Kalbarri is Nature’s Window which is a very pleasant 800 metre round trip walk from the car park. The gorges in the area are impressive but the Murhison riverbed this far upstream was mostly dry with a few waterholes here and there. It would be wonderful to see this river in flood rushing through these gorges after major rainfall.

We spent four days here enjoying the scenery and visiting with our friends Lesley and Gabrielle who we met on our travels last year at Coffs Harbour. It was great to catch up and share “travelling stories”.

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