Saturday, October 9, 2010

Qld - Hervey Bay

When you think of Hervey Bay, the first thing that comes to mind is whales, and we were not disappointed. We decided on a morning boat trip out on the bay, as the weather had been deteriorating in the afternoons.
We were picked up by the bus at 7:00a.m in the caravan park and the boat left the dock at 7:30. On the way to the northern tip of Fraser Isalnd we were served a hot breakfast and coffee which is my sort of trip. (Not having to think about cooking!) We had only been out for about ten minutes when we saw our first few whales. During the early part of October the majority of the whales are mothers with their babies. Most of the males and teenagers have already left for their long journey back to the southern oceans. We were entertained all morning by the young whales jumping in the air with Mum close by. The mums were spending a lot of time on their sides or backs slapping the water with one of their massive pectoral fins. There were also quiet times while the babies were feeding which was beautiful to watch.
The beaches on Fraser Island have very white sand which was a beautiful contrast to the deep turquoise blue water in the bay. They looked very inviting and we were watching many campers fishing and swimming as we hugged the shore line on our trip home.
Hervey Bay is a growing area with new resorts being built along the foreshore and noticed that many of the older homes have been torn down and grand new ones built.
The harbour area is worth a visit with restaurants, the fishing fleet, whale tour boats, rental boats and pleasure craft.

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