Thursday, May 21, 2009

Qld-Town of 1770

Mon May 15th - Tues 19th May

The town of 1770 is about 140 klms south of Gladstone on a beautiful coastal inlet. Captain Cook landed here in 1770, hence the name. The town is small, but very busy with boat tours to the islands, fishing charters and kayak tours.
Our caravan park was right on the beach and we were one row back from the sand. Each day Mike and I took the kayak out, Mike fishing and me reading my book and lapping up the gorgeous weather. Mike caught three fish, two flathead and a puffer fish. We had to put them back. Two were too small and one was inedible. At least Mike caught something, some out there didn’t get a bite.
At about 5:00 every afternoon, we took our chairs and our beverages down to the sand to watch the sun setting. Each was spectacular and each night very different. Some of the best things in life are free!

We took a one day trip to Lady Musgrove Island, about a 90 minute boat ride from 1770. This is a pristine island formed totally from coral over thousands of years.

After a very rough trip out to the island (half the people on board lost their breakfast) it was heavenly being in the calm waters of the reef surrounding the island. We had a 45 minute walk around the island, spent a couple of hours in glass bottom boats and then about another hour snorkeling. We saw turtle cleaning stations- the turtles lie on a particular type of coral and tiny fish clean the bottom of the turtles. Absolutely fascinating!
The coral out there was very colourful as of course was all the amazing fish. Fabulous day.

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