Monday, May 18, 2009

Qld - Yeppoon

Tues 11th May - Fri 15th May 2009

Yeppoon is a lovely beach side town about 38klms north east of Rockhampton. We stayed here for four nights. Unfortunately it was cloudy the entire time so we never got to experience the beautiful colour of the water. We camped right on the beach, so each day we would go for a walk on the sand. Up here, the tides seem to go out for miles, so you have quite a walk just to get to the water. From this area you look out on to the Keppel Islands, which Captain Cook named as he sailed through here in 1770. Even from the mainland you can see their brilliant white beaches which they are renowned for.

One afternoon we drove to the limestone Capricorn Caves which are 23 klms north of Rockhampton. Years ago these caves were mined for their bat guano, but now are just for tourists. They have a guided walk tour, which we did, saw some bats and marvelled at the limestone formations throughout the caves. You can also go on caving adventures where you crawl in and out of tight areas and get to know this area rather intimately......... way too challenging for me.

Emu Park, another lovely little coastal town, 20 klms south of Yeppoon is home of the famous Singing Ship sculpture. The monument is built on top of the headland looking out to the Keppel Islands, to commemorate the explorations of Captain Cook. When the breeze is blowing, you can hear musical sounds through the fluted pipes.

We stayed at Beachside Caravan Park. To find out details visit Our Camping Spots.

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