Monday, June 15, 2009

Qld - Airlie Beach

This has been a very special part of our holiday. My cousin Jeff lives in this area with his wife Sue and boys Jack and Sam. I haven't seen Jeff for over twenty years so it has been a fantastic reunion.
Jeff and Sue took us out on the Prosepine River to throw out some crab pots and hopefully catch some dinner. We put the pots out and then cruised up stream for a couple of kilometres. We were crocodile spotting and were very lucky to see six of them. They were all between three to four metres long. Apparently this section of the river has the largest number of crocodiles in Queensland and we were out there in a "tinny." We felt like Steve Irwin and the guys from Australia Zoo.

We then spent one day on a Whitsunday cruise. We left from Shutte Harbour and spent the morning on Hamilton island. We rented a golf buggy and toured the island with some friends and enjoyed photographing the island, having coffee and wishing that we were staying for a few days.

That afternoon the boat took us to Whitehaven beach which must be one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The sand is white, extremely fine and squeekes when you walk on it. The water is warm and crystal clear.

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