Monday, June 29, 2009


What a fantastic place! Castle Hill is a red rock monolith in the heart of the city with panoramic views to Magnetic Island in the east and great mountains to the west. We drove up to the top to see the area, but, for those keen fitness ones amongst us, there are walking tracks.
We stayed at Rowes Bay which is one of the northern coastal suburbs and we could ride our bikes everywhere. Each morning we rode to Palleranda which is a 13k round trip along the beach where you have a view of Magnetic Island the entire way.
Townsville has an area called “The Strand” which is a bike and walk path along the ocean. At one end, there is a huge salt water pool called “the rock pool” and it ends at the marina. Along the strand are restaurants, play areas for children, beach volley ball courts, fishing jetties, water parks, free barbeques and lots of tables and chairs. I wish that Newcastle could have done something similar on our harbour front. This area is magic!!
We played golf one morning and were entertained by the local airforce with their F18 fighters. Rather spectacular!
The old buildings are beautiful, the parks are stunning, the restaurants at Palmer St and Flinders St would satisfy anybody’s desire. We spent some great times with my cousin Steven and his partner, Tracey, which capped off a fun time in the area.
Thanks Townsville, you are one of our favorite destinations, we love you.

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