Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WA-Eighty Mile Beach

Eighty Mile Beach Caravan Park is located on the beachfront between Port Hedland and Broome. The park is off the main road, 10klms down a red dusty dirt track. The area had been hit by a cyclone last season which snapped many of the trees making the area very bare with parts of the tree trunks still left in the ground but with no branches or leaves.
The area is well known for its fishing, sunsets and shell collecting.

Mike hooked into a huge catch which we thought would be our dinner for a week. It took him one and a half hours to bring it close enough to shore to see that it was a huge sting ray just before it snapped the line and swam away, probably exhausted. Mike really enjoyed the fight but disappointed after all that effort to find out that it wasn’t something we could have eaten.

At low tide the water goes out between 500 metres and a kilometre, which leaves the mud and sand flats exposed. The beach is covered in shells and sponges, and in some spots the shells would be over a metre deep. A shell collectors heaven. While Mike went fishing my friend Di and I would fossick on the beach and we have collected some fantastic shells. There are piles of shells as far as you can see. Incredible.

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