Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WA-Cape Leveque

We decided to head to Cape Leveque at the tip of the Dampier Peninsula, which is about a 440 klm round trip from Broome and half of it is unsealed. We camped at the beautiful Aboriginal community of Middle Lagoon. We pitched our tents on the edge of the cliff overlooking the bay. Mike and Steve fished off the rocks after wading out to them, and pulled in one of the favoured fish of the area- “bluebone”. We have had two of them while in the Broome area and they are the sweetest fish I have ever eaten. Delicious.!

Half way towards the cape is Beagle Bay, another Aboriginal community where the church was built by the missionaries and the locals in the 1800’s. Mother of Pearl shell has been used to decorate the inside of the church altars and the walls. The inside of this church was also in the movie “Bran Nue Day”

At the tip of the peninsula at One Arm Cove two of the local dogs spend the mornings playing with the sharks. A couple of lemon sharks swim into the bay and the dogs swim out to play. The sharks grab the dogs in their mouths, pull them under the water, drag them along and then let them go. While we were there the dogs were swimming and the sharks came in but they didn’t play with each other. Maybe they didn’t want to be watched.

The Aboriginal Communities on the Peninsula are well kept and the locals very happy and friendly and willing to share the local fishing spots. The dirt roads were rough but it was all worth the experience

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Tamara Kidd said...

Well will ya look at THAT! Amazing altar