Thursday, July 15, 2010

WA-El Questro

While staying at Wyndham we decided to spend a couple of days exploring the eastern end of the Gibb River Road. We re packed the four wheel drive with all our camping gear ready for another adventure.
The road is gravel but was recently graded so the traveling was easy. We stayed at El Questo which is a one million acre Wilderness Park. Within the park there are numerous gorges, rivers to cross, challenging four wheel drive tracks and some fantastic watering holes to swim in. Our favourite was Zebedee Springs which is a permanent thermal spring surrounded by palms and sheer cliff faces. The temperature is 28-32 degrees celsius all year round. The walk in is an easy 750metres one way, crossing the creek several times. We would get up in the mornings, come here for a dip and then spend the rest of the days exploring the area. Mike was in his element with many water crossings, the largest being the Pentecost River which was about 50 metres. During one of the crossings I couldn’t see the running boards so I was a little scared to say the least but the car just keeps chugging over the river stones to the other side. What a gem.

We camped at our own private camping site called Willy Wagtail.
Along the Pentecost River are 25 private camp spots and we were lucky enough to get one. Mike would collect wood in the afternoons and each night we sat around the camp fire with a glass of wine. It is during moments like this that we talk about what a wonderful life we have, the incredible sites that we have seen and the experiences that we have had. The only thing missing on this trip is our family.

As Tom Hanks said in one of his movies “Thank you for my life, I forgot how BIG.”

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