Monday, July 5, 2010


We left the turquoise clear waters and white sandy beaches of Broome and arrived in Derby where the waterways are dirty brown, muddy shoreline and crocodiles. What has happened in such a short distance?

Derby has Australia’s highest tidal range of 11 metres and the highlight of the area is to view the jetty at both high and low tides to see the huge variance. You can drive out onto the jetty where people fish and watch the ships being loaded.

I loved the main street of town which has boab trees planted on the centre dividing strip. The trees are presently in varying stages of loosing their leaves. Just out of town is the “Boab Prison Tree” where years ago, the local Aborigines were captured, put in irons and held under this tree until they were taken to work as slaves on the pearling vessels. In the Kimberley’s there are several “prison trees” where the slaves were held until sent to work. This was a real eye opener to me as I had no idea that we took the Aborigines as slaves

Derby was also a stop off point to replenish our food as we were planning on camping out on the Gibb River road for the next few days.

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