Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NSW - Queenstown

After leaving the lush area around Strahan we drove through the countryside for about forty five minutes when we rounded a bend in the road and suddenly the landscape in front of us looked like a desert.
The forest had all gone and you are left with bare hillsides that have either been mined for copper or the fumes from the furnaces have poisoned the vegetation. It is such a stark contrast to the lush forests that we had been driving through.
The road out of Queenstown is a challenge for anybody towing a caravan. It winds its way narrowly around, and up and down several mountainsides, is very steep with countless hairpin turns. Somebody had recommended that we travel south along the west coast as these hills would be a nightmare on our brakes if we had to go down them. As it was, our caravan and four wheel drive brakes were smelling when we finally left the area. I must say, I was rather nervous as we traveled this stretch of road and was so glad to reach our camp for the night. We spent the night beside a lake and it was wonderful to sit there, relax with a beer and watch a fly fisherman trying to catch his dinner.

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