Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tas - Bruny Island

Bruny Island is Tasmania’s fourth largest island. We drove to Kettering which is 40 klms south of Hobart and caught the vehicular ferry, the “Mirambeena”, for the short trip to the island. The men on board who direct the vehicles into their positions on the ferry do an amazing job, a bit like a jig saw puzzle, getting everything to fit in neatly.
We picked fresh strawberries and ate them over the next couple of days. They were delicious. All over Tasmania fresh produce is sold at road side stalls, we have bought cherries and stone fruit.
The southern tip of Bruny is very rugged and is the home of Australias’ second - oldest manned lighthouse, built by convict labour with spectacular views over the Southern Ocean.
One day while here, the weather was cold and wet. We stayed in one of the National Park camping grounds, collected wood and had a fire each night. We were thankful that we had bought our beanies along. One morning, it was 7 degrees inside the van. Mike got up, lit the gas burners on the stove and they heated the van up very well. An unusual way to get warm but it worked! This is Tasmania in the summer time. Every day that we have been here we have worn a jacket and I believe that the temperature has been in the high 30’s back home in the Hunter. Amazing! Such a contrast.
Captain Cook, William Bligh and Matthew Flinders have all stopped at Adventure Bay on the island. We visited the local museum which held many of the ships logs and artifacts.

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