Friday, March 18, 2011

Tas - Campbell Town

Campbell Town is another small town on the Heritage Highway. This highway was Tasmania’s first main road and crosses the country from Hobart in the south to Launceston in the north. Tales of bushrangers, convict road gangs, stonemasons, woolgrowers and settlers colour the areas along this highway.
In the pathways on both sides of the road in the centre of town runs the Convict Brick Trail.
Each brick is placed end to end and cemented into the path. These bricks, hundreds of them, have the name, crime, sentence and the ship that they arrived to Tasmania on. It is unbelievable to see the harshness of the sentence to the smallness of the crime. I guess that is the way to build a new nation cheaply - convict labour.

Beside the river that runs through the town we found a couple more carved trees. One of these trees had some of the local animals and wildlife carved into the remaining base of the tree.

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