Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tas - Evandale

Evandale is a charming town, full of beautiful old buildings and only a few kilometres south of Launceston. We stayed at the local cricket and football ground which is within walking distance to the town centre and only cost $10.00 a night. While here, the annual Penny Farthing races were being run with competitors from all over Australia and overseas.
Unfortunately the races were cancelled on Saturday due to the rain but competitors were still riding around the streets. It is fascinating watching them get up on their bikes, it certainly takes good balance.
Sunday was the long distance race and Mike decided to follow them on his bike. He rode over 26klms and passed a few of the Penny Farthings so he was happy.

We attended the Sunday Evandale markets where we bought loads of delicious local grown fresh fruit and vegetables. One of the best things about Tasmania is the abundance of beautiful produce.

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