Saturday, February 20, 2010

SA-Eyre Peninsula-Baird Bay

Baird Bay is an isolated fishing village on the west coast, about 50klms south of where we were staying at Streaky. The Bay and its surrounds offer fishing, bush walking, bird watching, and the incredible opportunity to swim with dolphins and sea lions in their natural habitat.
We arrived at the modern rammed earth buildings that are the head quarters if the Ocean Eco Experience. We were fitted with wetsuits, walked out to the boat and headed with great excitement out to hopefully find the dolphins. Because we are out in the wild, seeing the dolphins is never gauranteed. But, it was our lucky day. As we were getting our snorkels on we watched Troy attach an electronic anklet which deters the sharks. The pulse is effective for eight metres. Wonder where I was when we were in the water? You guessed it. I was glued to Troy the entire time. Obviously sharks are attracted to seals and the dolphins and we were in their territory. There were about eight dolphins, including a mother and baby. One of the dolphins had a split dorsal fin and a nasty hollow on one side due to an old shark injury. They swam around us, upside down under us and coming in very close to check us out. When they decided to move on we headed to another area of the bay to see the seals.
When we arrived they were all lying on the rocks sunning themselves. Many of the babies were nursing while mum was fast asleep. Some of the young males were trying to wake up other seals to come and play. There is a large natural pool where the seals were swimming and we joined them. They come right up to you, wanting to play and I’m sure they are wondering why we are so sluggish in the water compared to them. They were swimming around us upside down and coming right up to our masks to have a “peek” inside. We ended up having about six swimming around us.
What an incredible experience. Thank you Trixie and Vic for telling us about this. I could certainly do it again, and again, and again.
We are so thankful to the dolphins and sea lions for allowing us to join them in their home under the waves and give us such a heart warming day.

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience
Ph: 08 8626 5017

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