Sunday, February 21, 2010

SA-Eyre Peninsula-Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is surrounded by wheat fields and is a major centre for grain, wool, fat lambs, oysters, abalone and scallops. Granite mining is also a significant local industry. The area is aptly named as the bands of colour in the water are obvious. Apparently they are due to the oils given of from certain types of sea weed.
This delightful coastal town is a great place to stock up on food and has two grocery stores to choose from which is a real treat. There is also a large array of other shops.
The jetty area has a swimming net beside it and as the shark alarm went off twice while we were here, you wouldn’t want to swim any where else. One afternoon we watched a shark cruise from one end of the beach to the other very close to shore. He was estimated at being about 12 foot long.
Mike and our friends, Steve and Ian went fishing at nearby Hallys beach and caught enough salmon for us all to have several meals. We made Thai fish cakes with our share and have another batch in the freezer. While we were out watching the men fishing, the dolphins blessed us with their presence and surfed the waves. I never tire of watching them. They are so graceful.
Back at the caravan park the pelicans and seagulls line up for dinner whenever anybody is cleaning fish. They jostle for the front row and get quite pushy with each other. Fun to watch.
We found a unique way to spend “cocktail hour” while here. We took our beach chairs out into the bay and spent some very pleasant time chatting in the calm warm water. As with most of these bays it is very shallow and clear quite a way from shore. Too shallow for the sharks to reach. We hope anyway!
We loved every moment of our week here and are now heading to Ceduna where I will be by myself for five days as Mike attends a seminar in Brisbane.

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